Optimum Offroad Race Truck Build | RBL200 | Part 2

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As we were done with the front side of the truck we went to our local breaker and borrowed a new body L200 bed. We mold the bed sides make fiberglass ones, cut the new ones to our length (as ours is shorter then original L200) and build fender flares same as we did with front. Once they were done the new rear fenders get the same treatment, their molds have been made and build one peace super strong fiberglass rear fenders.

The truck is ready, well sort of ready. There is still million things to be done but is somewhat ready. We installed everything and throw it outside. Next to last year’s race car which was the regional championship winning car. We looked checked and double checked everything, and everything was perfect.

We have taken the truck inside and build cover for the transmission and install the dash to see where our gauges and electronics will come.

We have decided to paint the car at this point as well, the car was going to be wrapped with branding but still we like to see the truck as good as possible.

Painting the truck without painting the chassis would be madness (I am not clamming that we are not mad). We remove everything again, rolled chassis over and painted everywhere. We have painted underneath the cab and over the cab as well.

After having the clean painted everything we decided to finish the rollcage as the racing seats and steering wheel arrived so we can position ourselves in the car.

At this point EDC Graphics came along and send us 3 options to choose from which initiated long hours of nonsense branding truck looks talks.

As the rollcage finished and we had no more welding job left to do. We just need to reassemble the truck and the final paint needed to be applied.

You might not want to believe but we have speakers, power windows, almost all the interior trim of the truck.

We build a hydro steering setup on our truck. As everything was getting assembled it was time to install our final weapon. Until this day only 3 of us in the garage knew we were going to install hydro steering on our truck. Now the secret is out and I must say it is one of the best thing we done to this truck.

As the truck took shape the sprits in the garage was high. When things go as planned everyone gets happy.

We finally run the truck, even with no brakes and without proper wiring everything was alright, just a single bolt was hitting the shaft which scared the shit out us at first. By the way this is happening 2 in the morning.

Credit: @Yarış Garajı

Next day we have completed the wiring, brakes and we got rid of the bolt which was hitting shaft underneath the truck. It was time for our driver to see the car and get a feel for it. We have never seen him this happy ever.

There is 1 day left for the first event of our truck but we don’t have our wrap yet. As it was urgent our good friend Kenan Şimşek – Stock Customs rushed to finish the job. He came in with 6 guys and get it done by the morning.

It is done, we are ready for the race. No testing done with the truck but there is no more time.  The race will be the best test for the new truck. I am not saying this because it was created by us but this truck is magnificent. I never thought a man can fall in love with a truck, but it happens.

We would like to thank everyone who were involved in this project.

RB GarajLevent KöremezliGörkem CoşgunErdal AkarEkin Köremezli

Pilot & Sponsor – İsmail Ayhan

Wrap – Stock Customs – Kenan Şimşek

Graphic design – EDC Graphics

Logistics – Boost Oto Kurtarma – Anıl Taşkıran

Media – Yarış Garajı


You can also download bigger sizes of the pictures in the link.