Optimum Offroad Race Truck Build | RBL200

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Our new RBL200 Project was the hardest challenge we got so far. We started this project to build one of the best off-road race truck in Turkey. One of our goals is to build an off roader which can do it all. It had to be comfortable, it had to go over obstacles, it must be fast and it had to be a solid vehicle where we can hit, jump and fly with it.

I am sorry but we are missing some pictures of the first days, what we have done is we went out and bought a Mitsubishi L200. We removed the cab and the bed from the chassis. We sold the bed to the breakers as we won’t be using it anymore. We send the 4 door cab to our body shop to be shorten. Our cab will be 1,5 door cab and it will be about 50cm shorter than 4 door cab.

Once we got the clean chassis we started with the rear end. The first thing we done is to strengthen the rear end and diff.

After that we gone through the 4-link setup. The initial tryouts and fiddling with the pickup points of the 4-link ends took nearly 3 days. We have changed the positions, take measurements and made our calculations accordingly. Once we got the perfect position for neutral drive we welded our final 4-link setup.

After rear end completed we strengthen our chassis, we cut and move our rear chassis legs accordingly so that we can have enough clearance for our suspension and bump stops. We have moved the chassis legs up and down and even cut some of it off. We have done this for whole chassis not just the rear end.

As we finished up with our chassis the cab arrived from the body shop. We had to put it on and see how looks, finally we were able to see what the truck might look like once it is finished.

Our suspension arrived and we were like little kids. We put them on the car the minute package arrived. We had to see if we have enough space to put our suspension and the hassle begin. We will be running the Profender suspensions on our truck this year.

Of course we had to see if the suspension would be any trouble for us inside the engine bay. This was the best excuse we found to put our holy grail RB26det engine inside the engine bay.

We have lovered our cab position, we have moved the engine as far back as we can possible so we run into some issues. The 4×4 Mitsubishi gearbox didn’t fit under the cab so we had to make some room for it inside the cabin.

After making sure that nothing is hitting nowhere and every part of the car is happy where they sit we can start our fabrication.

Before the beginning of the project we decided that we will put the front suspension on upper A arm of the vehicle, and we were not going to put one extra suspension we were going to put 2 extra (+1 factory suspension) on each side. We have ditched the bump stops on the front and use 3 suspension per side to achieve our goals.

Obviously to get the performance of this setup we have measured and CUT brand new suspension and shorten them 2cm. We modify our lower A arm and build our own upper A arms around the original design.

We have a priority for the cooling system so we installed our radiator and build hardcore support arms for it to never move around.

Now the vehicle started to take shape, as we build the looks of the car, we build the support structure with it. Each body panel on the vehicle must be strong enough so it won’t be damaged or bend easily during the events  but  it needs to be relatively easy to be replicated quickly if anything happens to them.

We have done with the body panel fittings so we had to build the tower strut which will hold the chassis together. It took some time as we had to install and remove all the parts couple of times to achieve the best possible fit… Truck looks so sexy photos don’t do justice. We are also halfway through our rollcage.

With all the main structure done time came to the fun part. The body kit and loads of mud playing. Once we catch the shape we liked we took its mold from fiberglass and produced our own fiberglass front fenders.

We even build our own fiberglass hood with RS500 Cosworth hood grills and a large opening at the end to clear out the warm air inside the engine bay.

More will be posted on the secound part of the build post. You can download bigger sizes of the pictures in the link.