RBL200 Race 1 – Ankara

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It was the show time for our RBL200, the day we finished the truck we had to race it as well. There was no testing for the car, or practice with the new steering system, or the chassis. But we figured out it would be the best test for the truck.

Where ever it went it had eyes all over it. The moment our RBL200 touch the ground everyone knew it was something special. Our pit area was full to the point where we had to ask people to go away.

On Saturday we have the long and muddy section of the race where the teams run 11km long stages 3 times. We were fast! We set the turbo boost of our lovely RB engine to very low 0,6 bar just in case but we were still fast. On a brand new stage, with a brand new car, with never driven before steering system we came 2nd with 0,7 seconds. This was great since the truck was running at half of its potential. But the best part of this is that we event didn’t have to tighten a single bolt or nut. We washed the car and send it back to stage that’s it. This proves that all the time we spend on planning paid of. 6P.

Came Sunday where we have to pitch our vehicles against each other inside the set stage with loads of obstacle’s, jumps, turns and hills. This was it we knew the competition didn’t stand a chance in this stage. Our pilot won here 3 years in a row, and we have the best vehicle of the field. We ran we fly and everything was going awesome.

Until our pilot had a little accident with another driver. Our pilot tried to pushed the stuck truck up the hill so he can continue as well but for some reason his car didn’t move (too bad we can’t see the brake lights on the race cars). When our driver decided to go around him and pulled his car back to maneuver, the other driver hit reverse and crushed in to our car with his huge rear bumper. Which resulted in broken radiator, intercooler and bend support bars.

Credit: @Yarış Garajı

As we are a competitive team we were ready for everything. Car retired from that stage (meaning we got 0 points for that stage), and returned to the pits. We fixed everything as fast as possible which you can see in the video below. We run the car in the next stage but a torn silicone hose at the boost side which we couldn’t see at the pits shot the door of winning the event. Car came in again replaced the boost hose and send it for the last stage. Car ran beautiful and flew through course.

All in all it was an amazing race, with two 0 point stages we were 5th overall and shown everyone how a race truck should be. Strong, fast, reliable. We managed to hit every goal we set on ourselves with this truck. You can watch our race mashup below!

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