RBL200 Race 2 – Vezirköprü = Throphy

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After Ankara race of our magnificent truck we were eager to get a throphy with our new truck. The goal was set for us, without any practise time the truck went on the offroad parkour and came in 5th without any issues. This race it was time for a shinny worthless metal which is priceless for us!

After quick check up and a little test with the truck we confirmed that the truck was race ready!

We packed half of our shop into the little trailer which can be seen in below picture and hit the road.

It was a 6 hour drive for us and with some navigation troubles we get to our race area which is also the camping area of ours. We had a nice night sleep and wake up to the beautiful scenery of the Samsun, Vezirköprü National Park. It was beautiful.

Early morning for us as we needed to build our pit area, our youngs were ready for action before the sun. They were so hyped that they set up the pits by themselves before everyone!

In Turkish Offroad Championship we have 2 different parkours for teams to run, Saturday’s are the fast rally like forest races. This is where our truck shines, it is so fast that it is not funny anymore. Around 400+ bhp with a low trans 4 wheel drive 1800kg machine is fast. Especially on the loose surface the truck turns into wild animal. It is so much fun i wish eveyone could have taste this! Saturday we are 2nd overall with couple secounds.

Day 2 of the race and it is where the spectators have a chance to watch the race. On Sunday’s the organisers build up a parkour for teams to run. These are all man made obstacles and they have been build to break your car if you don’t go easy on your equipment. Well the first two passes of the parkour our pilot İsmail Ayhan and copilot Ali Pertev learned this first hand. First and the secound pass of the parkour we recieved 0 points as the car hit a obstacle so hard that the turbo pipe broke off. Beside that the truck works perfectly. It runs like it was on asphlat at any point.


Posted by Ali Pertev on Monday, 2 July 2018

Even with two 0 point stages we managed to get 3rd place for the race and i must say this has been amazing for us. As a team we showed that we can build an amazing truck which is beautiful strong and competetive. I am extremely happy for this throphy, now we need to set a new goal!

We cant wait for the next race it needs to be better than this, hopefully top podium. Watch our full race video below!

2018 Türkiye Offroad Şampiyonası 3. Ayak Vezirköprü Yarışı Genel Klasman Üçüncüsü

404 Kapı numaralarıyla İ.AYHAN & A.PERTEV ikilisi en hızlı sahneleriyle sizlerle
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