RBL200 Race 3 – Houston We Have A Problem

As you know so far we had great success with a truck which we build ourselves. The key word on that sentence was “so far”, we hoped to get to the podium on İstanbul race as this was the fastest race of the calendar and we already know that we have the fastest and best handling truck on the offroad scene in Turkey.

After each race we remove eveything from the truck and inspect absolutly everything. Suspension, body, interior parts eveything except engine and transsmision is off the truck and getting inspected. This time we found the effects of RB26det engine on the truck. We have never seen a 4-link end like this and  all the link ends were ellipse. We replaced 8 of them and got 8 more just incase. This should’nt be problem but you would feel slight movement at the rear end at high speeds. While we were at it we added some support to where the links are tightened so we would’nt run into a issue in the near future.

We have tested the car and we are ready to race. We are looking sexy and handsome as always.

We went to İstanbul day before the race, set up our pit and went to the hotel for early night. Come morning we needed some water incase we needed to wash the truck, with the permission from Ahmet Ünlü (of İstanbul Park) we got our water from the fire hydrants of İpop (probably the biggest secound hand car sales park of the world – if not biggest for sure it is the coolest).

First day of the race is the fastest forest of the calendar. The orginesers took some preventions and tried to slow down to course. They made some obstacles before the flag points, made some very sharp corners for us to slow down a lot. No problem the course is same for eveyone. We send our truck from the seromonial start went back to pit area.

Truck came in with 0 problems, this race was going good. Although our team came in 6th which never happened before! Our team said they are going to pace themselves this time around. We let them go for the secound pass.

Came back with no problem again which is amazing for us this time they were a little faster. This 3rd pass was going to be our fastest. The other teams started to lose focus and we already had 2 cars broke down at the course. We had to keep cool but in the same time go faster and the faster they went.

The pilot and copilot stated that they were having a hard time turning right. Left turn was ok but the right turn was harder on the truck. We have a full hydrolic steering system which means we dont have a steering shaft. As long as the pump pushes the hydrolic oil the wheel will turn. We checked everything and find out that the steering pump was extremely hot. I mean boiling hot, your finger would stick and burn on the metal piece hot. We cooled down the pump and checked every fitting on it to see if there was anything blocking the oil ways. We could not find anything, asked the team if they hit anything and they said “absolutly no” so this thing should not happen. We replaced the oil and replace the return line as it doubled in size aswell becouse of the hot oil. In the same time we started to search for a RB steering pump. In TR we dont have much RB’s as the very clever Nissan of TR didnt imported anything with RB into TR. We had eveything including a full hydrolic custom made steering rack with us but we didnt had a pump as it never ever failed us.

Team went on to the 4th stage and not long from their start we got a phone call from our pilot İsmail Ayhan that they break down at the side of the stage 200m from the start. There was no steering what so ever. We found a RB pump from Selçuk Akkafa who was near BlackSea beach which is about 1,5hr drive from us. We didnt waited for the truck to come back to pit area and left to get the pump we so desperatly needed. We learned that we had a closed park at the end of the day which meant we had very limited time to get back, install the part, run the car and drive it into the closed parking. As we are all racers we had to do some interesting fast paced driving to get the part and come back. Once we were there we had only 21minutes left.

Our young ones prepared the truck prior to our arrival the pump was off the truck it was cooled down and eveything was waiting for us. The marshall aswell with his stop wach counting every passing minute. We installed the pump but it leaked oil from the pressure side as it was a Rb25 pump not a 26. We removed the pump again, opened it up replace the inner o-rings and installed washers to evey possible place and tighten to the limit of breaking. The truck ran we and managed to get into closed parking with 21 secounds left on the clock. This was nerve racking and dangerous time for us but as a team we managed to over come this.

Till the morning we discussed what can be done if the steering didnt run in the closed parking. Sunday morning we were at the track early and went to see the truck and we saw something we didnt like to see. Our sexy and handsome truck doesnt sit handsome and sexy more. It looks beat and tired. Look at the state of the crush bar and the passanger side tire!!! There is something wrong with the truck which we didnt see during the night chaos and we havent been given the correct information. Even if you dont talk the truck would tell us what happened.

The rules state that the vehicle needs to be driven out by pilot and copilot without any help or any touches to the vehicles. After the closed parking the truck needs to go to the start directly so we cant touch it after the closed parking aswell. We gave some tools to our copilot and told our pilot to stop after the closed parking so that copilot can tighten the hosses one more time in case we didnt tighten enough.

Without us touching the truck team went to the start of the race. We have a rule named start-stop. If you dont want to hurt your vehicle and leave without entering the course you can use this start-stop you wont recieve any points but you will have moretime fix your vehicle. We told the team to use this rule but they stated that the truuck was fine. It was a little harder but it was fine. Team decided to take the race, we were at the pits discussing what we can do and where to look for. Eveyone came in but our truck. They were off the track and into the ditch somewhere at the 9th flag. For the first time one of the cars we build is coming back on the recovery truck.

We never lived this through untill now. I can easily say that this sucks! The race is over for us… So it is time for the losers foto 😀 We planed to take this photo with the first place throphy but not this time…

This is our race video we were going good!

2018 Türkiye Offroad Şampiyonası 4. Ayak İstanbul Yarışı 404 İ.AYHAN & A.PERTEV

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Posted by Media Adrenalin on Thursday, 2 August 2018

Alright shall we find out what happened to the truck? As Levent Köremezli always says if you dont tell me the truck will tell me soon or later. This is our steering rack, which is 3 times the size (thickness) of the 20ton capacity forklift steering rack, which is 2 times the size of the USA Hummer steering rack! But it is bend! How is that possible? What kind of a hit this must have taken? Also check the custom A arms we build, steering knuckle, tie rod ends they are all bend. This hit they took must have been huge!

There is one thing i leaned from this race, no matter what share what you have gone through with your pit crew. Important or not all the way to the smallest detail let them know what have happened. We had a steering rack with us, if we knew that the truck took a huge impact on single tire we would have check the rack and replace it. We didn’t had to race to buy unnecessary parts to install on the car at that late night. We could have fixed the real problem and actually win the race as 2 more of our competitors rolled over on Sunday. No matter what happened share it with your pit crew, they are there for you to kick ass! Next time, next time…