RBL200 Race 4 – King is dead! Long live the King

After Istanbul race where we had an accident on a single tire and bent the steering rack fiasco we were looking forward to our Denizli race. This is the longest forest race of the season so we have a huge advantage as we have the fastest best handling race truck in the series, RB26det L200!

We fixed all the issues with our truck, tested it multiple times, even run the truck like a daily driven trucks to make sure everything is in perfect working order. Before loading for the race we washed the truck and put it on the transporter.

Everything is good and we took the start for the first leg of the race.

First lap was a little dramatic for our team, they had a crush on the front passenger side and in the last couple corners they had a puncture.

We changed the tire controlled everything and fixed the body damage as well and send our team for the second leg. Which they had no trouble except some dust problem. As our team caught up the team in front of them they had to drive in their dust which got in everywhere, and they made the mistake of opening the windows.

We cleaned as much as we can and send them on their way for the 3rd leg of the race. Where our team had major problem. They hit something so hard that they managed to puncture the tire and get themselves stuck. As they claimed everything fine with the truck and we didn’t had much time to play around we send them for the 4th and final leg of the day.

We were at the pits where we were trying find our truck at tracking system which shows it at the pits but they are not. We see the team which takes start after us enter the pits and we knew there was something wrong with the truck. We find out that our team got stuck at the finish line.

What happened is that our team run the 4th leg with no trouble, they hit a obstacle and brake the clutch fan, the truck started to warm up, team kept on pushing, the clocks started beeping and show warning lights and team kept on pushing, the ecu take the matter in its own hands and limit the revs to 4500rpm and team kept on pushing. The moment they stopped at the finish line the engine seized itself. The race was over for the truck. We came to the truck 10 minutes after the engine stopped and the clocks were still beeping and both water and oil temp show 150°C (max number on the clocks).

Came back to the shop on Saturday, this is was a horrible feeling for us as we had so much effort in that truck. We removed everything including the engine.

I wonder what was the actual temperature this engine gone through.

The King (RB26) is dead! Long live the King (RB25)!

Now it is time to go back to the engine we run for 2 years without any hiccups. We have run RB25det engine on our previous truck for 2 years. We had countless trophies 2 years in a row regional championships and top 4 finish in national series.

We have learned something at this race as well IF your gauges starts to beep and shows warning lights at you STOP THE TRUCK and let it go…

I must mention that we have been very fortunate as we were using best brands in our engine. We can save the RB26 with couple of parts, I am sure we haven’t seen the last of it. If we didn’t have Manley rods, CP pistons, ACL Race bearings, ATI damper and Cometic MLS Head Gasket on our RB26 I don’t think that the engine would have survived…