RBL200 Race 5 – RB25 Trophy Karabük

After though couple of weeks we managed to replace burned RB26 with our old trusty RB25det standard engine. Now it was time to get back to our grove and receive some of those trophies we missed in the last couple races.

We arrived to the race scene and set up our pit area. This was the most fun to watch race in the series as the terrain which the race is done is dry and watchable even to the pit crew. We lined up our truck for the technical checkup as in every race.

The Saturday race is the forest race as usual we had nearly no trouble throughout the day. The guys inside the truck was a little frustrated as they went down from 500+ish hp RB26 to 300+ hp RB25. They kept saying that the truck was not moving as they were used to. Obviously come on guys!

They did manage to get the truck stuck at one point and everything started with that, points were lost. They kept asking for more boost and never gave it to them (0.8 bar is enough we believe). At the 3rd and final leg of the day the crew decides to handle the boost themselves they open the hood look around then realize they don’t know anything about the truck and get back in it. Sadly the co-pilot forgets to put the hood pins in! Couple meters into the stage the hood poops off and hits to the windshield. They lose time on this, they put the pins in they get back in the truck, they put on their harnesses they try to run the engine but the truck won’t start. They get off again open the hood again and soon or later they figure out that the cut off cables were snapped when the hood opened. They tie them together close the hood and loose so much time for something unnecessary. As per the rules we are allowed to race, because this was a racing incident.

Our team manage to finish the day 6th but we had a long 4 leg special stage which we know we are fast and furious. We left our truck to close park for the night and went to our hotel for a nice rest.

Special stages are so much fun to watch as the truck you build flies over bumps, passes other drivers and goes all out. You can see your performance against others! We had no trouble and took the stage wins at 1st and 2nd legs.

When everything goes well something bad must happen right. Of course it will our Kel Block manage to hit into a bump so hard that they broke the front push bar (crush bar) into the engine bay puncturing the radiator. The ecu immediately takes itself into survival mode and they crawl back to the pits without braking the engine. The lead is gone!

Well for any of the trophies we need to make the best time otherwise we will be 4th and no trophy again, which was not acceptable! Boost went up to 1bar, radiator fixed new tires are on windows cleaned and here we go!

Well the tension is high we asked our Kel Block to run as hard as he could. Which is the decision we regret till this day. I won’t say anything about what happened. Even though all front of the truck is in bits and the side is mucked up we manage to get the best time! We have so much to do for the final race which is in 2 weeks’ time!

Look at the state of the truck. For you to see the difference couple of before and after shots.

But with that performance we have the 3rd place trophy.

You should watch the full video of the race itself. It’s a good one.

2018 Türkiye Offroad Şampiyonası 6. Ayak KARABÜK Yarışı Sınıf 4 Üçüncüsü

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Back to work we have only 2 weeks for the final race! Too much to do…