RBL200 Race 6 – 2018 Season Finale Sinop

Yazılar halen ingiliş sizler resimlere bakıp geçmeye devam edin…

At last we are at the end off the season. We build a truck we raced it all season, we got thropies, we had hard times but we believe that we have changed the Turkish Offroad Championship once again. Well there will be 3 of this same truck in 2019 season so we know we proved ourselved and we proved that we have the best chassis and suspension design in Turkey!

To be honest i cant wait for the next season it will be so much fun… But we need to tell the story of the last race. It was in very muddy Sinop city. We have never seen this much mud in any race. The new challange of the mud gave us a differet kind of trouble and we found and fixed an other troubled part of our truck.

As you might remember from Karabük race the truck was nearly destroyed up front, we have build brand new body (FRP) and got the truck ready for the race.

First practise outing was eventfull although washing the car was proving to be hard as there was so much mud but not enough water pressure or water…

The secound time had no trouble aswell and our team was confident at their game..

When the team was back there was a heavy mood at the pits, some of the other drivers were coming to our pits to see our performance as we had the strongest vehicle. We now started to feel the heat, even our co-pilot was acting like he was getting ready for his last rodeo…

It was time for the first timed lap, team went out we waited for their return which never happened… Team started to feel the smell of hydraulic oil from the engine and the clutch started to feel “funny”. Team decided that nothing would happen as they had only 3 checkpoints left and they pushed for the stage finish. More they hit the clutch more it smelled. Just after Flying Finish (FF) truck burst into flame, eventhough the truck is equipped with AUTO extingusher system no-one pulled the cable instead they used 4 extingushers (2 at the back of our truck and 2 finish line) to get rid of the fire but the car could not move as it didnt have the clutch and the flames burned through starter cable….

After long hours we managed to fixed the truck but Saturday race was gone we had to concantrate on Sunday section of the race. What happened to truck was the clutch pipe has been pushed on to the turbo by mud, and it burned out and punctured. It started to leak on to the turbo and manifold, which caused it to flamed up. The Turbo manifold and the starter is at the same side which caused starter cables to burn out aswell.

Things to do during off-season; relocate the starter to the co-pilots side (non-turbo side), make a shield to turbo and manifold, make the oil lines fire/heat proof.

The Sunday was crazy too, although we didnt had much trouble with the truck at the last leg of the race we managed to crush into an other competitor multiple times, altough we had better times at each lap we never had the chance for a thropy as we had 0 points on saturday. Still we came 5th overall which is still a good place to be…

Statistics for the truck had :

  • 6 races
  • 2 thropies
  • 7 front windscreens
  • gone through 1 rb26det engine
  • still has the las seasons rb25det engine on it
  • gone through 9 rims and 12 tires
  • 1085lt of 95 octane benzine
  • so many litres of water
  • countless working hour
  • smiles on everyones face!!!

For 2019 season we have 2 more customers which means we will have 3 trucks at the races, it will be so much fun, see you in 2019!